Logatix for Merchants now is available worldwide for sellers

Open your store and start selling now and reach milions of shopper around the world, Logatix for Merchants its what you need to start your bussines in 2018, Join right now.

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$29.99 a month + additional selling fees

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Sell with lower fees, we only take 8.0% fee per sale and 30¢ per successful transaction.


Fast Support when you are working with us, we have great and fast support 24/7 daily.


Logatix Experts are here to help you for everything about your store, fees may apply.


Boost your product with Logatix Advertising Service, make your product be on the first page.


We provides you what shoppers doing to your store and product, every detail will shown to you.


We have the best Shipping Service in the world, dont waste time use Fulfillment by Logatix (FBL).

Why Sell on Logatix?

Since 2017, Selling on Logatix has been helping individuals and businesses increase sales and reach new customers. Today, more than 80% of Logatix's total unit sales come from third-party selection.

StepsHow it works



You can add unlimited product to the logatix, two ways to list items into logatix, a item that is already on logatix or items that arent in logatix.


After you list your items, customers can see them on Logatix.com and start buying them, read this blog to know how to sell better.


After Fulfillment by Logatix (FBL) or you handle shipping yourself, we deposits payment into your bank account with a period of a week.


Are you good at something, we are hiring please contact us below if you want to join us, and make something positive, that will helps world.


Some of greatest features that exict on Logatix for Merchants

  • Upload Unlimited products you want to sell, no limit exist into logatix.
  • List your items on all logatix catgorries, access all categories exists.
  • You can sell product from other suppliers or sellers from AliExpress.
  • Customize your store, shipping, account settings, get verified and more.
  • We deposits payment into your bank account with a period of a week.
  • We provides 24/7 online support with talented and trained persons.
  • All features are free to use, we just take fee per sale and transaction.
  • Use (FBL) and let us do the shipping or handle shipping yourself.